Post 101

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed today I am bombarded with iPhone snaps and instagram pics of my ‘friends’ grinning like Chesire cats, arms around Spencer Matthews, reality TV star. For many of the people I rubbed shoulders with at my top private school, the lives of Made in Chelsea’s vacuous cast are something to be admired and imitated and since leaving, these are the type of people I have attempted to avoid.

Before I insult all of my peers, I must write that I adored my high school years. Latin lessons, holidays in Marbella with Cartier-clad friends and lacrosse games spent chanting about school pride are all memories that I will treasure fondly. However, it is very easy in a school like mine to emerge as shallow as the plunge pool in the head girls’ garden.

For the vast majority of students at my all-girls school, despite achieving top grades, their futures will include dabbling in lines of work such as ‘interior design’ or ‘card making’ before getting married and becoming, just like their mothers, kept women. Call me cynical, but in my opinion the mothers who drive their top of the range 4×4’s through the gates each morning are nothing but glorified escourts. But would I take that lifestyle if the opportunity presented itself ? Of course ! After all, I’m still a private school girl at heart.

By no means does choosing that way of life guarantee an easy ride. The news of adultery, abuse, life threating illness, blackmail and most private details of family life circle the common room on a daily basis, but I’ll save that for another time !